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Bespoke Codes is a leading enterprise mobile app development consultancy firm and our aim is to develop an app that will exceed your expectations. At Bespoke Codes, we specialize in integrated mobile app development for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android (smartphones, tablet). Our mobile app development services cover both Native and Hybrid platforms accordingly to clients’ budget and preference.

Your designated project manager will create the interactive wireframes for your mobile app development project to show the user flow and the structured process of the mobile app before we begin mobile app development process. This is to ensure that your app looks stunning and works perfectly before it is deployed on the Apple/Play Store.


Bespoke Codes is a member of MES GROUP OF COMPANIES.

Apps we create 

Location, Events, Voucher, Workflow, Appointment booking, Social, Chatting, Matching platform and more.

Customer support

We have help desk for our valuable clients as we believe in strong customer service relationship.

we have a team of professional mobile app developer in Singapore


Objective C, SWIFT, Xamarin, java, JVM, JS, HTML5, PHP, .NET, Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl, Node JS.


Bespoke Codes provides advice and consultancy to our valuable clients whenever they require.


Our marketing consultants can guide you in terms of branding and marketing the newly developed mobile app.


Modern countries consistently adopt the latest mobile technology. Mobile application development requires professional app developers along with business consultants who should have a sound knowledge of the business processes and the mobile app development user flow. Apps should be unique and have a variation in user flows, clear contents and smooth navigation.


Mobile apps have no exception as technology is booming day by day. We can see the growth of mobile apps where they are now and where it would be in the next five years. Mobile apps platforms are constantly evolving. During the early days, the mobile app was built on a mobile friendly website only and now every mobile app product is designed through the different development platforms. It is exciting to see the progress of apps development that how apps will be progressed in next five years’ time. Definitely, mobile app development will streamline the process of coding and will create the great user experience and atonement in terms of specific mobile app feature and goals.


Mobile app development is not rocket science; it is a customized software development. You only need a professional app development company who should be able to understand your project requirements clearly and will be able to advice on the technical aspects and mobile app user flow. The majority of the app design companies have either unqualified sales staff in terms of technical understanding and the result is that they are unable to advice correctly during the initial meeting on the technical issues. Thus, miscommunication and misconception start even from the mobile app quotation phase. Choose the right company for your business success.


mobile app development singapore

The most crucial part of mobile apps development, which you need to take into consideration, are you getting another company’s product or your product will be available for other companies later? Yes, most of the app development companies are working on product based mobile app. They only change the UI design of the mobile app, give it to you without source code, and you still pay the same or sometimes more amount for your app. App design companies make a huge profit out of it, as they are not developing an app from the scratch. The client is in the loss as they struggle to compromise with the product and unable to update the app with additional features as the source code is not in their possession. Why not try Bespoke Codes who solely work on the tailored app with highly competitive prices and yes source code and product IP is all yours after completion.

In today’s digital world whereby everything is transferring to mobile devices, selection of highly skilled mobile developers is slightly difficult.

During the app quotation phase, there are various requirements and factors not properly described and some development companies may intentionally hide their understanding on the project in order to grasp a higher profit margin after kicking off the project.

Companies also assume, and issue quotation based on their own project understanding.


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Our core services included iOS (iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch) and Android (Phones & Tablet) app development. Bespoke Codes only specializes in custom mobile app development. We have a unique approach in terms of issuing quotes. These makes us different from other mobile app companies. The uniqueness of Bespoke Codes is, we offer various freebies for our clients.

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Bespoke Codes is dedicated to create the highest quality mobile apps for your any business. Our elite team of expert mobile app designers and developers are on hand to guide you through the entire process offering a full turn-key solution. If you are looking for low cost and high-quality enterprise mobile app solution, we are up there with the best app developers.

Our consultative approach provides impartial strategic advice to help maximize the return from your app design and ultimately grow your business. If you are a Start-up, SME or MNC, Bespoke Codes is here to make your mobile app goal a reality.

Our team has been building and developing mobile app solutions for over 10 years. This experience means we are capable of delivering fully integrated solutions with latest mobile technology. We understand and work with you to determine the best mobile app solutions for your business according to your budget.


Mobile Apps Development is our core business. We clearly understand the mobile apps user flow and what users expect from the mobile app. We are well known for our passion for building successful mobile apps, ability to think outside the box and our enthusiasm. We always come up with the most innovative development ideas which truly blow your mind.

We have set up the industry’s best app developers, innovative designers, and mobile app consultants and have matchless experience in app designing, app development and managing mobile applications on all platforms such as iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android (Tablet), Windows, and Hybrid.

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  • Bespoke Codes provided services for our eCommerce web and mobile app development for our business. We loved the designs and are impressed with the services.

    Director Fantasia
  • Bespoke Codes provided extremely helpful advice, consultancy and common sense business planning for our mobile app development. Freshis is looking forward to seeing the benefits of the useful and implementation tool that has been put into practice.

    Director Freshis
  • Bespoke Codes is a professional mobile app developer. We only had an idea in mind for our favors website and a mobile app. Bespoke Codes were very helpful with the only idea they have designed a professional look website along with the digital marketing for selected targeted audience.

    CEO Favors Palace



mobile app development singapore


mobile app development singapore

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